Producing Services

3rd Party Productions

We are partners + collaborators providing full 3rd party producing services for all budgets, formats and productions. We build our teams with top-tier producers, directors, showrunners, DPs, production designers, crew, editorial and graphic teams.


Need a budget? Consider us your budget fairies! We can create a line-by-line detailed budget for all projects, formats, length, union and non-union – from short form content to full series and everything in between.

Development Services

Original Concepts

Have an idea and ready to take it to the next level? Bring us your concept – we’ll provide expert feedback, brainstorm ideas and help develop your original concept into a marketable series or brand. We’ll also write and flush out your pitch deck copy, so that it’s ready for the deck design phase and ultimately share in the marketplace!

Series Development

Congrats on getting your project picked up! You’ve created something special now and you’re tasked with developing it to series. We have been there MANY times, from both the network side and producing side - and our exceptional team will collaborate with you to develop out your pilot to a series format, brainstorm segment ideas, develop set design inspiration, create a global visual language, establish your music landscape, create a staffing structure, flush out a full series deck, you name it. We’ll help you elevate your project and develop it out into a long running successful series!

Pitch Deck Design

Got your show concept finalized and ready to have a deck created? You are SO almost there...! The next step is to create a deck that visually represents the tone and world of your show.

Our top tier designers will create and assemble pitch decks for any concept, and all formats. We will bring your concept to life with bold visuals and creative graphics and shape it for a specific audience and buyer. We’ll assemble it into a multi-media presentation to align with your verbal pitch for easy presentations capturing your creative vision and ideas.

Sizzle Reels

Reels can be paramount in selling an original concept. Our reels are produced with a modern stylistic approach designed to represent your concept perfectly! Crafted specifically for your audience, this reel will do the heavy lifting in your pitch, the perfect expression of your vision and companion piece for your development materials.

You’re amazing, and you’ve got this!

Take your first step - we want to help you follow your dreams!


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